Sunday 23 Jul 2017


Crime Doesn’t Pay

Tyler Matthew Lozier,16 and Jimvonta Tinell Williamson, 17 both of Cross Foot Road have been charged with Larceny and have an unsecured bond of $500.00.

Michael Brian Mooring of Manley Grove Ch. Road Mt. Olive report to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office his neighbor called him at work to inform him that two subjects on a red Ford Ranger were at his residence and took a 5 gallon gas can and 5 gallons of non-highway use diesel valued at $27.00.

Mooring reported that he mixed the non-highway use diesel with sugar and water.  His neighbor also advised him that the suspects ‘vehicle was broke down at the intersection of Manley Grove Ch. Road and Slaport Road.

Upon arrival, Wayne County Sheriff’s Office located the two suspects pushing the truck on the 200
block of Manley Grove Ch. Road.

Curtis Media 2012.  Written by Amy Roux from reports.

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