Sunday 23 Jul 2017


Major Cocaine Bust in Greenville

5 kilos of Cocaine from Greenville Drug Bust

The Greenville Regional Drug Task Force and the Raleigh office of the DEA concluded an investigation into cocaine trafficking that resulted in multiple arrests and the seizure of 5 kilograms of cocaine valued at one-half million dollars. 

On Wednesday, March 14th at approximately 7:00 am, Task Force agents and DEA agents executed a traffic stop of two vehicles in Greenville, and the subsequent search of those vehicles yielded 5 kilograms of cocaine. 

Three Florida men and a Texas man were arrested.  Each was charged with Conspiracy to Traffic more the 400 grams of Cocaine and each received $1,000,000.00 bonds. 

Also arrested was Victor Andrade Cantu, 41 years old, of Riverview FL.  Cantu was arrested by DEA and ICE agents in Florida after the arrest and seizure in Greenville. 

Members of the Greenville Regional Drug Task Force include the Greenville Police Department, the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, the State Bureau of Investigation and the Farmville Police Department.     

Curtis Media 2012.  Written by Bill Johnston.  From News Release.

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