Wednesday 16 Aug 2017


Bell Beats Laroque by 39 Votes

     39:  That’s the number that the North Carolina Board of Elections is expected to say made John Bell the winner in the race against Incumbent Stephen Laroque for the District 10 House Seat.  State board members convened Wednesday morning for the official canvass from the reporting counties.

Greene and Craven reported no change in the number of votes.Lenoir County reported 2 additional votes in outcome of their recount.  In Wayne County, Bell gained 1 vote from early votes, upping his win to the difference of 39 versus 36.

Thursday on News Talk 1150 WGBR,  John Bell will join Bill Johnston in studio at 8:35,  to discuss the race and the recount.

Robyn Wade, Goldsboro Daily News:  Curtis Media 2012.


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