Sunday 23 Jul 2017


Arrest Reports

Tyron Montee Bass  24 of Orion Street Kinston was charged for an assault on a female in Woodside Circle and was jailed without bond.

Gabriella Lynn Hernandez 23 of Park Avenue was arrested for a failure to appear in court for charges of driving without a license.  Hernandez was jailed under a $1000 secured bond.

Alex Clay Jones 18 of  Minnie  Drive Princeton was charged  for injury to personal property on Royall Avenue and was jailed under a $1000 secured bond.

Nathan Junior Lofton the II  23  of Rayer House Lane was charged with  Larceny and for a failure to appear on larceny and 2nd degree trespassing charges. Lofton was jailed under a $1300 secured bond.

Jerry Patrick Viault of Bolingbrook Drive was charged for Assault on a Female and was jailed without bond.

Anthony Kornegay 22 of Earl Drive was charged with 2 counts of failure to appear.  Bond was set at $4,000.

Qushawn Mondrell Broadhurst 26 of Heather Glen Dudley was charged with Possession of Handgun, Possess of Stolen Firearm, Possession of schedule VI, Possession of Open Container, 2nd Degree Trespassing and outstanding warrants for damage to property and assault on a female.  Bone was set at $10,000.

Brenda Kay McCall 32 of Seymour Drive was charged with Assaulted battery.  No Bond was issued.

Quamaine Donshaye James 22, Tarheel Pines Drive Dudley was charged with Obtaining Property by False Pretense and Larceny.  Bond was set at $500.00

Ami DeNette Ortiz 28 of Carver Drive was charged with Financial Card theft, Injury to Personal Property, Possession of Hydrocodone, Simple Possession of Marijuana, Driving While revoked and Larceny.  Bond was set at $5,000.

Sakima Jivin Ethridge 34 of Madison Avenue was charged with Possession with intent to Sell and Distribute Schedule VI and failure to appear on Trafficking of Schedule II and Possession of a firearm by felon.  Bond was set at $300,000.


Robyn Wade and Amy Roux, Goldsboro Daily News:  Curtis Media 2012


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  1. lil kima says:

    y’all arrested my daddy for no reason y’all didn’t even have anything on him… y’all s/o for that he has kids to raise and y’all ruined our lives for 4 1/2 years… but y’all supposed to be for the people tell another lie…


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