Friday 20 Apr 2018


GPD Rounds Up 21 Prostitutes

Prostitution in Goldsboro has been targeted, and will continue to be, according to the Goldsboro Police Department’s Selective Enforcement Unit, (SEU) and Narcotics Division. These two departments, along with VICE, have arrested 21 prostitutes within the city.

Various outside agencies have provided assistance.

Though some of these arrests were made public a few weeks ago, Goldsboro Daily News chose to wait until the main operation was completed so as not to impede the department’s progress.

Bonds ranged from $1,000 unsecured to $5,000 secured for the individuals listed below:

DOB: 02/08/76 Active Warrant for Solicitation of Prostitution

Kristy Mergil DOB: 02/08/76
Active Warrant for Solicitation of Prostitution

Cynthia Lee - Copy

Cynthia Lee COB 03/19/66 Solicit for Prostitution

Bobbi Joe Newhart

Bobbi Joe Newhart COB 07/24/69 Solicit for Prostitution

Branden Pettiway

Branden Pettiway DOB 08/22/84 Solicit Crimes Against Nature (2 counts) and Solicit for Prostitution

Chelsy Jackson

Chelsy Jackson DOB 09/20/91 Solicit for Prostitution

Donna Cox

Donna Edwards Cox DOB 10/19/59 Solicit for Prostitution and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Felicia Williams

Felicia Williams DOB 11/15/72 Solicit for Prostitution

Jeanne Suttle

Jeanne Suttle COB 07/15/74 Solicit for Prostitution (2 counts)

Jennifer Bruner

Jennifer Bruner DOB 10/30/81 Solicit for Prostitution

Kathryn Miller

Kathryn Miller DOB 11/11/89 Solicit for Prositution

Kevonta King

Kevonta King DOB 10/3/82 Solicit for Prostitution (2 counts)

Lola Darden

Lola Darden DOB 4/20/80 Solicit for Prostitution

Lotorla Lewis

Lotorla Lewis DOB 5/7/65 Solicit for Prostitution

Malissa Davis

Malissia F. Davis DOB 8/2/73 Solicit for Prostitution (2 counts) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (2 counts)

Melissa Monroe

Melissa Monroe DOB 8/4/84 Solicit for Prostitution (2 counts) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Melissa Pollock

Melissa Pollock DOB 5/11/70 Solicit for Prostitution **Outstanding Order For Arrest

Monquitta Kees

Monquitta Kees DOB 4/17/71 Solicit for Prostitution and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Patricia Jones

Patricia Ann Jones DOB 3/13/74 Solicit for Prostitution

Paula Locklear

Paula Locklear DOB 1/6/82 Solicit for Prostitution

Susan Davis

Susan Rae Davis DOB 11/19/70 Solicit for Prostitution and Contempt of Court

Amy Moore - Copy

Amy Moore DOB 8/7/80 Solicit for Prostitution



  1. Jack Turner says:

    Over the past two years during this operation crime has rising at an alarming rate especially rape at 100% What exactly are they tring top accomplice?

  2. sirah says:

    Well i bet they got a bag over their heads when they did their jobs. So nasty looking.

  3. Dink says:

    I concur this is hilarious!!!! Thinking the men that buy sex from these women are either drug addictive or homeless themselves.. Goldsboro is no different then any other city then only thing is it’s considered to be a big city problem.. Well it’s here just like gang banging, I rather GPD focus on that instead of prostitution..

  4. Most of these women are prostituting to feed a drug habit. I am of the train of though arresting and putting them in jail at the expense of tax payers is a waste. Drug rehab, treatment for mental illnesses, housing and medical treatment will serve the community and these women more than housing them for a few days only to be released back into the community to continue business as usual. Intelligence and compassion would suggest to us all prostitution is act of desperation and should not be a crime. This is a supply and demand business where all parties consent to be pleasured or paid. Release these woman immediately with directions to an organization that can provide the services they require.

  5. Ash says:

    I found this article mentioned one of the names above. Could be the same person.

  6. Su Thomas says:

    Totally inappropriate Ms Bowden to publish the photo’s of these women.
    I am shocked, though not surprised, after all this is Wayne County!
    Shame on you.

  7. Citizen says:

    Omg, they’re hideous!

  8. P.TraMayne says:

    G.T Price what are you talking about?? How does these video casinos and prostitutes relate?? Last time I checked, prostitution was/is the OLDEST profession there is. As far as gambling is concerned, these owners of these casino’s are paying fees LEGALLY to operate. I’m not even talking about the REVENUE these casino’s are bringing in each and every month to the county…I personally don’t have a problem with these casino’s. Hell people play the NC EDUCATIONAL LOTTERY everyday!! With LOTTERY being the key word. My advice to you is this, If u disagree with these video casino’s here in Wayne County, relocate to another COUNTY!!!

  9. Lucinda says:

    Absolutely Faye!! Where are the pictures of the John’s???? Nice public shaming of the prostitutes but nothing about the people who solicited them, without which then prostitution industry couldn’t exist. Terrible journalism. These women haven’t even been convicted.

  10. John Doe says:

    Faye Ryan, it appears this was an undercover operation where the prostitutes solicited Police Officers. If you notice they are not sexist, one of the arrestee’s is a Man, he just appears to be a woman.

  11. christy says:

    These women look disgusting!!! I’m sure the spread of STD’s doesn’t bother them since they are more that likely carriers of the disease! Good job for the arrest-but you will never keep them off the streets. #dirtytrash

  12. Nic says:

    This is just me speaking off the top of my head but GPD is focusing on prostitution?.. when drugs and violence are effecting far more people! Talk about mismanagement! But hey, I guess some only pick the battles that they know they can win!

  13. G. T. Price says:

    We have the only county around that allows gambling. All the surrounding have shut down the video casinos. More crime will follow as these low lifes from other counties invade our neighborhoods. More and more are opening everyday. The topless bar on 117 has even converted to a casino. Follow the cash.
    Goldsboro is charging a fee to have these casinos and our neighborhoods are paying the price

    • Michael says:

      Thats not true, Greenville has plenty also.

    • G W Mitchell says:

      It’s not the internet rooms nor the topless bar, has anything to do with these hookers .Just look at them . That’s a drug problem .

    • Mr.Price .Ever hear of lottery… I believe that’s state wide. As for internet cafes. Go to both Wake and Johnson county. If they are illegal then how can the city charge a license fee. Did you know to open a 20 screen room in the city of Goldsboro it cost the owner of that room .12,500.00 .per year.Does anyone have to pay this kind of fee? …. Them whores are a drug problem not a gambling problem. I own Hollar for a Dollar sweepstakes room in Pikeville and I just paid 2000 license fee to the town of Pikeville .I’ve got to give them another 4000. come June if I still wish to remain open.So far I’ve yet to make a dime.

    • One is reaching to presume individuals frequenting lawful businesses to avail themselves of legal activity are “low life”. Would you feel that way if you happened by and saw your son or brother at such a business.
      Though I do not gamble in any wise,I am happy to respect others right to do so.
      It is sickening to endure the unfair rants of the likes of you against lawful activities.

  14. Faye Ryan says:

    Why aren’t the pix of the Johns up here as well? Very sexist, and one-sided that just the women were arrested.

  15. Jim Bishop says:

    Thanks for putting pictures with the names. Good job.

  16. mike says:

    wheres barber at now with his great help good job rev. barber


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