Saturday 20 Apr 2019


Man Charged in Shooting Surrenders to GPD

A 19-year-old Dudley man has been arrested for the Thursday afternoon shooting of a Goldsboro man on East Holly Street. The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his legs and was transported to Wayne Memorial Hospital for treatment. During the shooting, two vehicles and a home sustained damage from the gunfire but no other people were injured.

An investigation by the Goldsboro Police Department revealed Reginald Devon Wynn of 317 Brentwood Drive in Dudley as the suspect. Warrants were issued earlier today for Wynn and he was charged with Assault with a deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill Inflicting Serious Injury, Attempted Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon and three counts of Injury to Property.

Around 3:30 this afternoon, Wynn surrendered to Officers at the Goldsboro Police Department without incident, after learning he was wanted by the Police. He was placed in the Wayne County Jail pending a first appearance scheduled for Monday, January 13th.  Wynn’s bond information was not available at the time this release was prepared.      Reginald D Wynn


  1. Shawty says:

    I know this young man, he like so many took the wrong path. His mother, aunts, uncles were in his life from birth and would and did kick his butt when he messed up. Now I don’t know if he is innocent or guilty, but what I do know is ALLL HAVE DONE STUPID THINGS AS KIDS GROWING UP, so don’t be so quick to judge this young man who you DANG SURE DONT KNOW.

  2. Former L.E.O. says:

    Well when the Mayor and the County open their budget you will see more officers and until then it’s not their job to raise our kids. It’s these irresponsible parents job to. That’s a problem when the people depend on the gov’t to run their lives. Pathetic.

    The Chief of Police and the Sheriff are only given so much to spend every fiscal year. When the people stop freeloading off of the gov’t and actually do some work we can see more $$$ in the budget.

    You then ask where are the Police Officers and Deputies….

    Tell the people to take back their crime ridden communities and do something about it and stop depending on Law Enforcement and the gov’t to raise your family!

    • Gail says:

      Get over yourself hon! You speak of people depending on the gov’t to raise their children…you’re WRONG! Just because a parent may require some sort of help from the government does not mean that their morals, values, and standards for their children have been flushed down the toilet!!! If l.e.o.’s would stop worrying about the petty things, I.e. a dim headlight, crooked license plate, or a seatbelt not being worn in the back seat (just to name a few), and focus on the bigger “real” offenses, then maybe some of this crap would die down. And btw, it’s a whole lot of gun play that occur in gov’t free suburbia too buddy!

  3. my sister lives in dudley and i am so afraid for her. her son was killed by a bullet little over a year ago. where are our police officers .why dont someone do something about these kids killing kids. what are they getting paid to do? suppose to keep our streets and people safe. the killers are treated better than the familes of the loved ones they kill. its getting worse every day.


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