Thursday 21 Jun 2018


Guest Writer Dr. Atkins – The American Word

james-atkins            What is it worth?  This is something that the World stage is asking.  We have told Syria that if they did not get rid of chemical weapons that we were going to do something bad to them.  We drew the line in the sand and you know the rest of the story; we did nothing.  Russia was able to broker getting the chemical weapons removed.  The question is, have they been removed and is that all of them or only a third of them?

The rise of the Third Reich started when Hitler moved his troops into Czechoslovakia to protect the people of German ancestry who lived there.  That was his story and the World bought the story for about a year. Then we had the beginning of WWII.  Now Putin moves the Russian military (although they are not in Russian uniforms, they are just in military uniforms without insignia) into Creama to protect the people who were of Russian ancestry.  It seems that history may be trying to repeat itself.  So what do we do?

Complicate this by the treaty of the Ukraine that exists with America and Great Brittan that was signed by President Clinton for America.  It was an effort to get rid of nuclear weapons that existed in the Ukraine.  They wanted some assurance that if they were invaded we would come to their assistance just like we have with the NATO nations.  We told them we would and President Clinton gave his word as the President of the United States.

We are bound by international law to militarily support the Ukraine if they are invaded.  Is the American word worth anything?  That is the question at hand.  If the government does not want to commit our allegiance to a foreign country then they have no business signing treaties with them.  The President, the Commander in Chief of the military, is by the letter of the Constitution the only one who can form treaties with other countries.  Do we support what President Clinton did in the past or do we say that was then and this is now, so lets just forget it and move on.

We already have a credibility issue in the world; if we don’t support the Ukraine will we support Israel, Great Brittan, Germany, or France if they are invaded?  Like with the Ukraine, we have an agreement with countries called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO for short. Will we support them?  Where do we draw the line in what our word is worth?  At the present it seems that our word is worth very little.  No one likes war, and no one wants war, but we need to live up to our commitments or we don’t need to make them in the first place.


  1. Teresa says:

    Our word has become nothing. We draw lines and say don’t cross this, then we back up some more, draw another line and say don’t cross this and so on and so on. We are no longer looked at as the Great Super Power Nation. We are viewed as a joke in the eyes of the world. The more we back down on our word, the more we look like pansies. The saying, “you are only as good as your word”, no longer means anything to anyone.

  2. Craig Bryant says:

    In 1929 the great depression started. In 2007 the great recession started. In 1938, Hitler annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia under the pretext of protecting German nationals in those countries. In 2014 Putin took over the Crimea, part of the Ukraine, under the pretext of protecting Russian nationals in that country. In 1939 World War II started when Hitler invaded Poland. In 201? World War III started when Putin invades Poland? History is repeating itself.


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