Thursday 21 Jun 2018


Parents Contradict WCPS Over Bat Issue

More dead bats found at Northeast Elementary School.

More dead bats found at Northeast Elementary School.

Calls, comments on Goldsboro Daily News and text messages have been steady since we broke the story about the bat problem at Northeast Elementary. One parent, Jenny Mooring, said the bats have been in numerous areas of the school, including one sitting on a plaque in the main hallway.

More than one parent has expressed concern because they said the cafeteria is indeed attached to the gym and there is easy access for the bats from one section to another.

But most parents are upset that Ken Derksen, Public Information Officer for the schools, said there were no dead bats found and the bats have not been near the children. They also dispute Derksen’s claim that students were only participating in a fire drill and not evacuated from the gym. Several parents said the fire drill wasn’t until the afternoon and say the students were evacuated that morning because the bats were swooping all around them.

In addition, some of those same parents have provided two different pictures of dead bats in containers that were picked up from the school, disputing the administration’s claim that no dead bats have been found at the school.

We will continue monitoring this story and provide updates as possible.



  1. tashagloom says:


    at least the grammatically impaired person managed to stay on topic whereas you failed *miserably*. it clearly went right over your head. so you reply the only way you know how. what? did you say to yourself “gee, I have NOTHING to add to this article so i’ll just attack somebody’s writing skills.” does that make sense in your world? does that make you feel good about yourself? make you feel all smart and righteous? that’s pathetic actually. let me tell you. trolls are a dime a dozen.

    perhaps someone should try to get it on camera since the dead ones collected don’t count as “evidence” that bats are at the school. I’m no bad expert, but I know enough to know if you see one bat (or roach, or mouse, or fruit fly) you can bet your sweet bippy there are many more. oh! “bippy” isn’t a word. do you think I might get busted by the grammar police?

  2. Anonymous1111 says:

    *Daughters class* Is what it’s suppose to say.

  3. Anonymous1111 says:

    *Daughters class*

  4. Anonymous1111 says:

    Anonymous1234, please do not judge the true concerned parents by what____ writes. What the parents are saying is true. I have seen it first hand. Even teachers are agreeing with the parents. They just want their kids to be safe at school like wcps promises they will be.

  5. Jessica says:

    To the small minded and considerably rude person who insulted the persons grammar above, but remained anonymous. Take it somewhere else and grow up! The feces of bats are highly toxic. The gym is connected to the cafeteria and who is to say the bats or their feces haven’t touched the dining area or kitchen. What are the plans for clean up after the bats removal? Northeast is a good school with wonderful teachers, so by no means I’m I bashing the school. I just believe certain people have handled the situation wrong and Derksen did not help matters by lying

  6. Jessica says:

    To the small minded person who wants to insult grammar, but yet be anonymous! Take it somewhere else and grow up! The feces of bats are toxic! The gym is connected to the cafeteria and that is my main concern! Who is to say the bats haven’t been on the tables or in the kitchen area. It just upsets me that Derksen wants to downplay the situation and not be honest. Northeast is a wonderful school with some of the best teachers, no one is saying its a bad school. We as parents just want our children to be safe and remain healthy, as well as be told the truth. I want to know what they intend to do as far has clean up of what the bats have left behind.

  7. ConcernedParent says:

    We as parents are the only voice for our children. If you have concerns, please take a note that they have a Board Meeting on April 14th @ 4:00 PM in the Executive Boardroom of the WCPS Administrative Offices, at 2001 E. Royall Avenue in Goldsboro.
    (Per their website)

    If we do not voice our grievances, not just concerning this bat problem, but other concerns around the county schools, they will not change and continue business as usual.

  8. Annie says:

    The wcps system needs to stop making excuses and start resolving the problem cause we as parents are concerned about our kids safety and the deases they can carry.stop trying to hide the truth from the parents beacuse we aint stupid we are very much involved with the school as far volunteering that we know the true facts but we are ones who they say arent telling the truth and we are there not hiding behide a desk

    • Anonymous1234 says:

      I understand you are concerned, however, I am concerned about your total lack of basic writing skills. If these are the adults and parents writing these run on sentences with multiple spelling errors, imagine the kids! It’s difficult to take you seriously when you say, ” we aint stupid…”

      • Anonymous 5678 says:

        @ Anonymous 1234, I appreciate your concern for the grammar that some people use. However, have you any idea how arrogant and juvenile you come across as? The main concern here is the safety and well being of the children at this school, not the mistakes in grammar and the choice of words being used! It’s people like you that “ain’t” got no business commenting on an issue that has many parents concerned.

  9. Donna says:

    My 6 year old is a student at NE. She has been so freaked out and stressed that she didn’t want to go to school. She is dropped off early by her daycare and has to stay in the gym until her teacher comes to get her around 8 or 8:10. She said that the bats were chasing the kids and everyone was running, including school employees trying to get away from the bats. She said all of the kids were scared. I received a voicemail from the school stating that no bats got on any of the children and that they were confined. It also stated that no child was ever in danger. Well, if the bats are chasing and swooping down on the kids then it sound to me as if they were in danger. I feel that the kids should never have been in the gym or lunchroom until the issue was resolved.


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