Saturday 21 Apr 2018


Reverend William Barber Responds to Voter Fraud Findings

barber 3In lieu of the findings of voter fraud and error by the State Board of Elections, we contacted Reverend William Barber for comments.

We asked Barber, “You have steadfastly stated that voter fraud has never been proven and you have based your actions for fighting Voter ID on this misnomer. But as it has now been proven, what do you say in regards to the matter?”

Barber’s response verbatim, “Our objection has been to voter suppression and the false claim of voter fraud as a bases for voter id ending same day registration early voting etc and our position remains the same”

We then asked, “With all due respect, voter fraud has been proven, so how can you object to the point proven?”

Again, his comment verbatim, “we respectfully disagree on both your conclusion and remedy”

We asked if he is denying that voter fraud has been determined but have not received a response.


  1. Peggy Holloman says:

    Strange occurrence in NC. How is the Koch brothers money being used to buy NC?

    Over the years I have made a practice of checking my voter information on the NC State board of election web site. Recently, the website was down for weeks, that is it, would not allow the voter’s names to be seen. To this day you can not see the voter’s party. A few days before the so-called voter fraud was announced in NC, I was shocked to find that my name was not recognized as a voter. A couple days later, I received the voter information card showing a change in voter location. There was a note advising that in 2016 all voter would be required to show valid id and some voters would have to produce id before then.

    I have always used my full name to vote as it is on my driver’s license. when I checked on line it showed my first and last name only. It did not show me as on my license with 3 names, which would render my id invalid. Please advise democrats to check their voter registration forms.

  2. Catherine Russell says:

    Well I don’t see it bothering folks at Cape Fear Valley Hospital who not only want your Picture ID but your birthdate. Doesn’t seem to be suppressing visitors at the hospital and causing a hardship except for the slow typing guards causing long lines. Wrote Barber about this and never acknowledged this or commented on it. So therefore he has his own private agenda of Race baiting and monies from Government that support this mess…

  3. Lex says:

    Barber gave a bad answer, but he’s not wrong; the premise of your question is flawed.

    What the SBOE turned over to the joint commission on elections was 1) evidence of *possible* voter fraud, not conclusive proof, and 2) even if , say, all 765 cases in which first names, last names and last 4 SSN digits matched were investigated and turned out to be voter fraud, not one would have been prevented by voter ID. And the additional measures enacted by the legislature were not intended to prevent voter fraud (because they clearly wouldn’t). Rather, they were intended to make it harder for several demographics of likely Democratic voters to vote.

    Moreover, if Tillis and Berger were truly concerned about real voter fraud, they’d be taking a long look at absentee balloting, where most vote fraud actually happens.

    I’m not the world’s greatest voting expert, but I did edit the book “Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century.” I’ve called on the State Board of Elections to refer at least those 765 cases of full name and SSN matching to the SBI for criminal investigation and prosecution where appropriate.

    What I want to know, and what you should be asking, is: Why haven’t Berger and Tillis?

    • Charles Newman says:

      Lex: By your logic a medicine that is effective in treating cancer should not be approved unless it is also effective in treating heart disease.
      You should also object to any preventive medicine, unless it is also effective in treating the disease after it occurs.

  4. Independent says:

    Congratulations on your unbiased journalism. Its refreshing to see there are still a few objective reporters around. Objective reporting keeps both parties honest. Please keep it up. I thought I’d share this post I read elsewhere that referenced your article:

  5. Unaffiliated Voter says:

    Barber was described recently as being a ‘Mardi Gras float on feet’ !!! ROFLMAO!

    Anyone know who paid for Barber’s health insurance all these years?

  6. Citizen says:

    Such a big fat loser! The system is corrupt! Only reason obama was elected again!!!

  7. Mike says:

    Barber is a race-baiting bigot. What a joke.

  8. NCFIRE says:

    “Jim Crow Barber” will never admit he’s wrong because his reason for existence would cease. I’ve had enough of this racebaiter myself.


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