Thursday 21 Jun 2018


Goldsboro/Wayne Drug Task Force Stops Supplier

Willie J. Barr, Jr.

Willie J. Barr, Jr.

On July 10th, members of the Goldsboro/Wayne County Drug Task Force, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office conducted a joint drug investigation in Wayne and Greene Counties which culminated a three-month investigation.

Information from citizens/Crime Stoppers complaints, as well as confidential sources and physical surveillance, allowed members of the Goldsboro/Wayne County Drug Squad to begin and pursue the investigation. A suspect, Willie J. Barr, Jr., 41, 913 Fourth Street, Goldsboro, was identified.

During the investigation, agents learned Barr was traveling to Newark, New Jersey to purchase large amounts of heroin. Barr was then bringing the heroin back to North Carolina and supplying mid-level heroin dealers.

On Thursday, Barr left New Jersey and was headed back to North Carolina with a large amount of heroin. While agents were conducting surveillance on Barr, they learned that he was traveling towards a location that agents were not previously aware of with this investigation. Based on that observation, agents made contact with a Narcotics Detective of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and were able to coordinate a traffic stop on Barr.

W Barr HeroinAgents were able to locate sixty-one (61) bricks of heroin, which when broken down for distribution, equals approximately 3,050 bindles (bags) of heroin. That amount of heroin has a street value of $61,000.00 dollars.

Willie Barr, Jr. was charged with 1 count each of Trafficking Heroin by Possession; Trafficking Heroin by Transportation; Maintaining a Vehicle for Controlled Substance; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. His secured bond was set at $ 1,000,000.00.

Assisting Officers and Agencies include: Wayne County Sheriff’s Office ACE Team, United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.


  1. Cooper says:

    Ok, Marion. U take care.

  2. wifey says:

    Thnx Mr. Cooper and you as well
    Marion is the name

  3. Cooper says:

    And it’s not all that serious. Willie is a good man. MAY GOD BLESS HIM AND YOU AS WELL!!!!!!!!

  4. Cooper says:

    I guess u can’t leave your name.

  5. wifey says:

    Well Imma leave you my number you can contact me for whatever purpose this may be needed. My number is 973 687 0259 this is for Mr. DAVID Cooper only any one else do your research on your own

  6. wifey says:

    To whom you may be yes me and Willie are married. We have been married since March 20th 2004. I can provide proof if it is necessary. One thing is that I don’t have to lye about that. So maybe you should have did your research on him my husband.

  7. wifey says:

    Yes I am we have been married since 2004

  8. wifey says:

    I miss u so I know you have made bad mistakes and choices in life but yet god is still good. I reached out to you for yet I am still your wife. I know you have a lot to deal with at this time but baby just keep the faith and stay prayed up your wife has your back no matter we went through throughout the years. Baby I’m a real woman love you dearly. I know everyone makes mistakes in a lifetime

  9. listen up says:

    The sad thing is that most of the drugs that destroy America isn’t produced or manufacterd in America so until the government kill the head there will always be bodies to move drugs around.

  10. Soul Sister says:

    Good, that is 61000 less heroin here in Goldsboro messing up people lives.


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