Tuesday 20 Aug 2019

Two Charged with Felony Arson

Laketta Shawntell Williams 602 W. Mulberry St.

Laketta Shawntell Williams
602 W. Mulberry St.

Earlier today, the Goldsboro Police Department’s Criminal Investigation’s Division arrested and charged Stephen Leon Williams and Laketta Shawntell Williams with several counts of Felony Arson. The suspects are brother and sister and their arrests stem from an ongoing investigation into several suspicious fires throughout the City of Goldsboro.

With the assistance of the Goldsboro Fire Department and the State Bureau of Investigations, the fire scenes were investigated and numerous interviews were conducted. In the past nine months, at least 11 fires throughout the city have been deemed suspicious or cases of arson.

The investigation into these fires will continue and more charges are forthcoming according to Officials.


1227 N. John St

Stephen Leon Williams 1227 N. John St

Stephen Leon Williams, 33, faces five counts of Felony 2nd Degree Arson, one count of Felony Burning Personal Property and one count of Felony Burning Other Buildings.

Laketta Shanwntell Williams, 25, has been charged with one count of Felony 1st Degree Arson, two counts of Felony 2nd Degree Arson and one count of Felony Burning Personal Property. Both suspects were placed in the Wayne County Jail under $60,000 and $80,000 secured bonds respectively, and will have a first appearance on Monday, August 4th.


  1. Mike says:

    These comments are absolutely ignorant. Time and energy wasted.

  2. B says:

    Give Leon some chicken, crack, and a basketball and Shawntell some hair grease and I bet they will give a full confession!

  3. tashagloom says:

    LOL gail!! snap!

  4. Jt says:

    Ya Gail but they werent so shut up and stay on subject

  5. kialboots says:

    Gail,what is another kind?

  6. Gail says:

    Kialboots, maybe if they were of another kind, instead of “chicken and crack”, it would’ve been “cottage cheese and meth”?

    • It is incredible you would find anything about the crimes these two are charged with to be “funny”. Besides the fact someone could have been killed in this incident, you should be concerned about the state of the community you live in. When people are running around setting houses on fire, one must wonder what more will they do. I am inclined to believe your motives in posting your comment was not honorable.

  7. kialboots says:

    They were just cookin some chicken and crack..


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