Thursday 22 Aug 2019

Johnston Ambulance Service Closes

Johnston Ambulance Service 2

Locally owned and operated Johnston Ambulance Service (JAS) headquartered in Goldsboro closed Wednesday after over 40 years of service.

Chief of Operations Keith Hayes said, “The closure is permanent and it included all offices statewide.”

Hayes pointed out the decision to close was financially based adding JAS bills for services provided and has not been able to sufficiently collect from insurance companies, the government and other payees.

Hayes also noted, “At this point no decision has been made in regards to sale of equipment or ambulances.”

JAS began in 1971 with one small office. It then grew to become the largest private ambulance service in North Carolina. JAS ambulance divisions served 14 counties in Eastern and Central North Carolina.

According to the Wayne County Office of Emergency Services, WayneNet is a private ambulance transport entity that provides service to Wayne County.

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  1. debster says:

    You can blame who you wish to but working in the medical billing field myself I can tell you that if you do not bill precisely how Medicare or Medicaid want’s it to be billed you are out of luck. They change rules and regulations so often that no one can keep up with what they want this week. It is pitiful what the governmental insurance has come to. They are sequestering money and paying less for each service. You can’t operate if the money doesn’t come in.

  2. There is more to the story says:

    How well was the company ran? Follow the money…

  3. HappyinEC says:

    Was waiting for someone to blame Obama care! There’s that deep Republican stupidity I was looking for. Find a story about people losing their jobs and being hurt by a poor business management decision and make it a political stump speech.

  4. Me says:

    Another victim of Obamacare.

  5. AS says:

    It has been my understanding that WayneNet is actually operated by
    Wayne County and Wayne County employees manage it out of county or city owned facilities.

  6. Rev. K. W. says:

    This is only the beginning of what is going to continue across the fruited plain. Of the media were honest they would do their job to inform the masses in how this is happening and how it will progress. We The People are the ones that are being blindsided due to the government overreacting and pretending to be the only opportunity for relief. There is not one issue that comes our way that if we would come together as a faith based community can not only bring relief but great healing. Just a voice from the wilderness……

  7. jbwbubba says:

    The people who lost their jobs are going to be hurting. But the patients that used the service are in all sorts of trouble. They transported people to needed medical care, or might otherwise die. Medical care in eastern NC is going to be even more screwed up

  8. REALLY says:

    Understandable if the company is not being paid for services that they would close but certainly the company could have been decent enough to let people know ahead of time that they would lose their jobs and services. The impact is huge and sad and the actions of the owner seems really selfish. We all know he didn’t wake up this morning and come to this revelation he planned to close his employees should have been given that same consideration.

  9. Julian Moore says:


  10. Julian Moore says:

    This is very sad. I work for 5 physical therapy offices and I oversea all insurance reimbursement. Looks like the team you have handling claims are not strong enough to fight for what is owed. Sad this has happened to your business.

  11. Deputyfire says:

    Thanks Obama Care. nother service that many depend on daily going out of business due to Government Non-Payment. Vote Hillary and we will get more of the same. Small businesses related to healthcare going under due to poor management in Washington

  12. Richard Weaver says:

    Shame on this company to not inform their employees until the night before. My prayers go out the the ones who were “blind sided” with this decision, and to the patient effected. SHAME ON YOU!


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