Saturday 29 Jul 2017


North Carolina Receives Hot Food Waiver Approval for Food and Nutrition Services Recipients

The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved North Carolina’s request for a hot food waiver in all 100 counties, allowing Food and Nutrition Services (food stamps) recipients to purchase hot food prepared for immediate consumption from authorized Electronic Benefits Transfer retailers.

Under normal Food and Nutrition Services rules, hot food prepared for immediate consumption is not eligible for purchase at authorized retailers.

State Emergency Response Team


With the widespread damage caused by Hurricane Matthew, many citizens in North Carolina have been displaced from their homes. To accommodate all Food and Nutrition Services recipients impacted by the hurricane, the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Division of Social Services have requested and received approval for the hot food waiver across the state.

EBT retailers are currently updating systems to authorize hot food purchases. All North Carolina EBT retailers will be able to authorize hot food purchases by Saturday, Oct. 15.

The waiver will continue until Nov. 14, 2016.


  1. gettin tired says:

    you know what if those dumb people would have not bought food that would spoil…..froz items, meat they would have had food. You don’t buy stuff like that when a hurricane comes. You buy stuff that u can open and eat…..they need to use common sense which most them do not have

  2. Mary Armwood says:

    Thanks for everything that you are doing but some people had already used their food stamps and lost electricity and food.Will additional food stamps be added to assist families that lost their food and have no funds.(Dudley)


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