Saturday 21 Apr 2018


Breaking: Wayne County Election Results

With 100% of Wayne County precincts reporting (30 out of 30) here are the local election results:

US President:

Donald J. Trump REP 27,360 54.47%
Hillary Clinton DEM 21,520 42.84%
Gary Johnson LIB 944 1.88%

US Senate:

Richard Burr REP 27,342 55.06%
Deborah K. Ross DEM 21,044 42.38%
Sean Haugh LIB 1,274 2.57%

US House Of Representatives District 7:

David Rouzer REP 27,552 57.45%
J. Wesley Casteen DEM 20,404 42.55%

NC Governor:

Pat McCrory REP 27,632 55.34%
Roy Cooper DEM 21,624 43.31%
Lon Cecil LIB 672 1.35%

NC Lieutenant Governor:

Dan Forest REP 27,228 55.63%
Linda Coleman DEM 20,803 42.50%
Jacki Cole LIB 915 1.87%

NC Attorney General:

Buck Newton REP 26,043 53.67%
Josh Stein DEM 22,485 46.33%

NC Auditor:

Chuck Stuber REP 24,782 51.69%
Beth A. Wood DEM 23,157 48.31%

NC Commissioner Of Agriculture:

Mike Causey REP 25,056 52.37%
Wayne Goodwin DEM 22,786 47.63%

NC Commissioner Of Labor:

Cherie Berry REP 27,198 56.48%
Charles Meeker DEM 20,907 43.42%

NC Secretary Of State:

Elaine Marshall DEM 24,365 50.58%
Michael LaPaglia REP 23,806 49.42%

NC Superintendent Of Public Instruction:

Mark Johnson REP 25,008 52.00%
June Atkinson DEM 23,081 48.00%

NC Treasurer:

Dale R. Folwell REP 26,365 55.09%
Dan Blue III DEM 21,496 44.91%

NC Senate District 5:

Don Davis               DEM 13,965 100.00%

NC Senate District 7:

Louis M. Pate, Jr. REP 24,693 100.00%

NC House Of Representatives District 004:

Jimmy Dixon REP 14,471 100.00%

NC House Of Representatives District 010:

John R. Bell REP 8,849 77.31%
Evelyn Paul DEM 2,597 22.69%

NC House Of Representatives District 021:

Larry M. Bell DEM 14,724 100.00%

Wayne County Board Of Commissioners At Large:

Wayne Aycock REP 32,353 100.00%

Wayne County Board Of Commissioners District 1:

E. Ray Mayo REP 7,235 100.00%

Wayne County Board Of Commissioners District 2:

Ed Cromartie DEM 5,236 100.00%

Wayne County Board Of Commissioners District 3:

John Bell DEM 7,147 100.00%

Wayne County Board Of Commissioners District 4:

Joe Gurley REP 6,974 100.00%

Wayne County Board Of Commissioners District 5:

Bill Pate REP 5,922 100.00%

Wayne County Board Of Commissioners District 6:

Joe Daughtery REP 5,773 100.00%

Wayne County Register Of Deeds:

Judy Harrison DEM 33,965 100.00%

NC Supreme Court Associate Judge:

Michael R. (Mike) Morgan   22,329 54.86%
Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds 18,374 45.14%

NC Court Of Appeals Judge (Stephens):

Phil Berger, Jr. REP 24,967 53.96%
Linda Stephens DEM 21,305 46.04%

NC Court Of Appeals Judge (Geer):

Hunter Murphy REP 24,451 52.13%
Margaret Eagles DEM 20,451 43.60%
Donald Ray Buie UNA 2,004 4.27%

NC Court Of Appeals Judge (Hunter):

Bob Hunter REP 26,556 56.70%
Abe Jones DEM 20,277 43.30%

NC Court Of Appeals Judge (Dietz):

Richard Dietz REP 25,688 55.31%
Vince Rozier DEM 20,753 44.69%

NC Court Of Appeals Judge (Zachary):

Valerie Zachary REP 26,117 56.65%
Rickye McKoy-Mitchell DEM 19,987 43.35%

NC Superior Court Judge District 8B:

Will Bland   29,251 63.75%
Arnold O. Jones 16,630 36.25%

NC District Court Judge District 08 (Brantley):

David Bernard Brantley   30,181 100.00%

NC District Court Judge District 08 (Final):

Curtis Stackhouse   30,400 68.11%
Annette W. Turik 14,232 31.89%

NC District Court Judge District 08 (Taylor):

Charles P. Gaylor III   31,034 100.00%

NC District Court Judge District 08 (James):

Ericka James   31,445 100.00%

NC District Court Judge District 08 (Turner):

Les Turner   28,760 100.00%

Wayne County Board Of Education At Large:

Raymond Smith, Jr.   22,334 52.14%
Ven Faulk 20,157 47.06%
Write-In (Miscellaneous) 341 0.80%

Wayne County Board Of Education District 2:

Len Henderson   4,680 97.54%
Write-In (Miscellaneous) 118 2.46%

Wayne County Board Of Education District 3:

Patricia Ann Burden   4,498 59.80%
Trebor J. Jackson 2,992 39.78%
Write-In (Miscellaneous) 32 0.43%

Soil And Water Conservation District Supervisor:

Thomas Parks Uzzell   33,935 98.56%
Write-In (Miscellaneous) 497 1.44%

City Of Goldsboro Parks and Recreation Bonds:

Yes   10,474 81.34%
No 2,403 18.66%

City Of Goldsboro Infrastructure Bonds:

Yes   10,996 84.98%
No 1,944 15.02%


  1. anonymis says:

    I see Arnold Jones did not get re-elected. Thank You Wayne County!

  2. Donna says:

    Charles if your opinion of Wayne County is so low then why in the world are you here??? And if you’re not here then you have no rights. Obviously you are educated since you’re stating you’re an RN. All that education and yet you have no idea how “the button” works do you? No single person can just launch nuclear weapons. There are numerous individuals, codes, hand prints, etc. that the process must go thru. Your statements are rather ridiculous. With regards to Arnold Jones, he is a good man. Based on your Trump” comments, I would guess you are a Hillary supporter. This woman is so corrupt that its insane. The Clintons have broken almost every law thrre is. So you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. Make up your mind. Do research. You say you have been blessed. Well we all have. However you are making ridiculous assumptions and passing judgement. That belongs to only 1 entity…..God. I would suggest that you get out your Bible, read it and pray for understanding.

    • BP says:

      Great response Donna. I want to add that I was deployed to Desert Shield/Storm for 8 months. If you want a new perspective on how wonderful America and our society is, spend 8 months in the desert and live in that culture. Your eyes will be opened and you will not whine about America and it’s leadership again. We live in paradise here compared to there. Even the poorest here are kings in comparison to living in that hole. May God continue to bless America.

  3. easy e says:

    hey Arnold, you have been evicted, and take Charles with you.

  4. BP says:

    I think you have been watching too much CNN and MSNBC Charles Fields. This country has gone downhill economically and morally in the past 8 yrs that Obama has been in office. Praise the Lord that we can get off the slide and start climbing the ladder again. Trump is the best suited for the position we find ourselves in now and the Nation proved it. Hillary and Bill can go live off their speech money in marital bliss.

    • Capt Obvious says:

      So Obama is responsible for the moral downfall of the US? Only a 12yr old with no real perspective or experience of the last 40 yrs of American politics can make such an outlandish statement. But out of the same mouth you praise Trump. This man is a New Yorker born and raised and would leave you in a ditch if it meant he would save gas. Ask any of the Trump University students who have no money, no accreditation and no diploma if Trump is of good moral fiber, ask any of those women who accused him of assault if he is salt of the earth. I would have more respect for you if you would just say I want a white man as President. That’s why I don’t hate Trump, because I like my racists out front, take off the mask, take off the cloak, come from behind the screen and let us see you. But the real joke is on all of you because if you think any of that racist rhetoric will ever come to fruition then you are sadly mistaken. He just said that stuff so you would vote for him. Now let’s see if they man who hasn’t even been so much as an intern in the mayor’s office can actually run the free world. Shout out the Rothchilds – the real power in this country

  5. Jerri Marks says:

    You can say what you want too about Arnold Jones but let me tell you he’s a good man a good judge and a protector of abused women ..I had a ex stalking me and told me he was on his way too wayne county too kill me Arnold helped me and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here…love you Arnold and thank you again and agian

  6. jim says:

    Yeah, Charles and it seems you were after cheap labor!

  7. Efton Sager says:

    I looked everywhere for election results and finally remembered your news source, thanks for posting

  8. Kathy Lies says:

    @Charles Fields: Please do not lump all Christians into one group as bigoted, etc. People are different and vote differently. Lumping all people that belong in any group together and assuming they are all the same is bigoted. We are all different. I am Christian, but did not vote for Trump, and I do not have hatred in my heart- a bit of fear, at this point, but not hate. I understand frustration, but don’t blame an entire group of people, assuming we are all the same.

  9. DB says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out!!

  10. Joyce says:

    Thank you for posting the election results in such a timely fashion!!!

  11. At least one thing about it. I thought all of Wayne County was dumber than dirt, uneducated but I see the “Christians” in Wayne county voted for Trump. Thank God that you all were not so stupid as to reelect Arnold Jones. A convicted felon and a Judge. Is this really what you people believe, if you do in the next 4 pay for your consequences Remember your decision to vote , Did you even consider your children, grandchildren, Or are you so bigoted and have so much hatred in your heart that you never thought about nuclear war. Well if Trump wins, I don’t trust his hand on the button so Pray every night in the meantime I and MY Husband plan to ask for another country to welcome us. And when your price of food shows an increase because there is no one to harvest, process, and send the food to your stores. Don’t *****. You did it to yourself. As an RN, I have been Blessed, God gave an ability that I had the opportunity to work in a chicken process. I watched, not many americans were there, maybe 10 blacks, 2 whites and myself all in management, 2 orientals and the rest Hispanic. So all you prejudice people. You may loose business and a lot of hard workers. When you do, Blame yourself. For one time in yourself lives think of others. Jesus always said MONEY WAS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

    • Poopgonzalez says:

      You shouldn’t wear so much tin foil around microwaves.
      I’m amazed at just how stupid people are that consider themselves intelligent.
      Before you call an entire area a group of stupid bigots, look in the mirror.

    • Hank Kearney says:

      I believe Mexico will welcome you.

    • It really doesn’t matter who won; God is still on the throne and still in control. More attitude…we don’t need that! May God bless you richly in all your endeavors!

    • Pat says:

      Actually Jesus said, “…the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” Money is not evil.

    • Mark says:

      Some how I doubt you are an RN, because that requires some schooling, you have very poor spelling and grammar. Please learn how to control yourself in public too. And if you are unhappy with the good ole USA you are free to leave. No one will stop you. Or do you not make enough money to afford the passport? P.S. try to use the term Asian and not orientals, that term went out in the dark ages…….have a great day with your chickens

    • Mrs. Williams says:

      Correction….you need to read your bible again….
      The LOVE of Money is the root of all evil.
      There is a difference ma’am. Money can be used for much good.
      If you think Trump is going to send back all the workers you are very uneducated. He didn’t get to be the mega billionaire he is by doing anything stupid.
      I pray for your heart to be softened and eyes opened. God bless you.


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