Saturday 21 Apr 2018


Cooper Declares Victory; McCrory Does Not Concede

Who won the North Carolina governor’s race? It depends on who you ask. Roy Cooper claimed victory early Wednesday in the North Carolina Governor’s race, but Pat McCrory says he will wait for provisional and military ballots to be counted.

“We have won this race,” Cooper said to supporters.

Cooper led by a few thousand votes early Wednesday morning.

Early unofficial results had Cooper with a very slight lead, but McCrory moved ahead just before 9:30. A little before midnight, a large block of Durham votes were uploaded, putting Cooper slightly ahead.

Both candidates came out to speak to supporters around 12:30 a.m. McCrory said about 90,000 early votes in Durham County weren’t counted until the last minute.

He said there are likely thousands of provisional ballots in counties across the state that have yet to be counted and he doesn’t expect the final results to be known until an official canvas of votes November 18.

He vowed to make sure every vote is counted.


  1. Capt Obvious says:

    Yall really play that naïve act well. So you dont have ANY clue why North Carolinians ran McCrook out of here, despite his party having a lock on every other branch of govt.? I guarantee you Pat McCrook knows why…..or you could ask a teacher, ask anyone who uses the state Medicaid/medicare, ask the guy who had an interview w/ Paypal before they ran out of NC, ask the business in Charlotte who were banking on the revenue for the NBA AllStar game…hell ask Bruce Springsteen and I promise you they can easily tell you why we would vote for anybody other than pat mccory. We forgive a lot in NC, but what you won’t do is embarrass us or lose money and Pat did both is grand fashion. Bye Pat! See you on the golf course!

  2. Wayne county native says:

    Still pulling for you McCrory! This man has been an awesome governor standing up for his beliefs and the beliefs of a lot of others. Not to mention the great job he did during and after Hurricane Matthew among other things…it’s not over with yet! For Cooper to jump the gun like he has, just confirms even more the man he truly is

  3. don says:

    it is very fishy that mcrory was winning throughout the night and all the sudden these ghost votes popped up out of nowhere. i think a recount is mandatory and a verification on those last minute votes whether he does win or lose.if there was any wrong doing then it needs to be investigated and hold people responsible.

  4. Mark Olsen says:

    The BIG question who is responsible for picking up all the political signs that litter our roadways? I know there must be a local statute on this subject. Seems after every election the very people that drove around and put these signs out have long disappeared

  5. nope says:

    How do we go from having a Democrat President and a Republican governor to vice versa? It seems odd that Trump won NC but Cooper wins the governor race. How can the same state that just voted for the most controversial Republican President in history then turn and boot out their own moderate Republican governor in favor of a Democrat? Something stinks in Denmark.

    • gettin tired says:

      he hasn’t won yet….come on McCcroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Williams says:

      First let me say that I voted for McCrory but I want to answer your question of how this could have happened. As there was tremendous division in the country and a feeling of disenfranchisement for the American people there was also this same feeling in North Carolina. Across the nation there were many Democrats that voted for the Republican Presidential nominee just as in North Carolina many Republicans voted for Cooper. I think more people voted with their emotions this time around more so than any election in recent history. Personally, I think HB2 killed McCrory whether I support it or not is a moot point, but it was a game changer for him and possibly cost him this election. But of course all this is my opinion.


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