Saturday 23 Jun 2018


Durham Elections Head: McCrory Vote Surge Unlikely

The elections board chairman in heavily Democratic Durham County says he doubts Gov. Pat McCrory will find the surge of votes from his community that his fellow Republican needs to reverse Attorney General Roy Cooper’s statewide lead.

McCrory’s re-election campaign has filed a formal protest over the 94,000 votes cast during early balloting that were reported late on election night after an equipment failure.

Durham board chairman William Brian said Tuesday that last week’s glitch forced staffers to manually enter ballots cast before election day hours after polls closed Nov. 8.

Brian says results were spot-checked that night, and Durham County voted heavily for Democrat Roy Cooper both before and during Election Day. Cooper leads by about 5,000 votes in unofficial statewide results.


  1. Don says:

    Why would the chairman say that? Noone knows the official count until its done. For the chairman to just spit that out is suspicious. There could have been a bad count but noone should assume that no mistakes were made. Everyone who voted legally needs to be accounted for and if anyone voted illegally then they need to be held responsible.

    • Con F. Used says:

      If this happened in rural Wayne county, it would stand to reason to that Governor McCrory would find a few votes. Wayne county leaned republican in the election for governor. Durham county, by a very large margin, did not and therefore logic dictates the chairman’s statement to be highly probable.
      The sad part of your comment is that, once again, we see conservatives having a hard time accepting election results. Oh sure, we liberals are making our anti-Trump voices heard, but we don’t doubt the validity of the vote.
      When the right loses, the system is rigged. When the right loses, it must be because of voter fraud. You remind me of that annoying little kid who misses the shot and then blames the ref. Stop whining.

      • Poopgonzalez says:

        Seems you are confused. I have seen zero riots by Republicans in North Carolina, as far as the Democrats accepting trumps victory…have you not seen all of the violent protest out west? White people being assaulted, and the only reason is because they are white and voted for Trump.
        Please, tell me which is a group of deplorable people again.
        Look at the facts. Fact. No riots in North Carolina. Fact, violent riots and protest because hillary lost.
        Get youready facts straight.

        • CAPT OBVIOUS says:

          oh lawd, POOP…FYI….ur doing it again… ur commenting in public about a conversation you had in your head, nothing you typed is at all related to the conversation that was already taking place….it’s ok I think I’m the only one who noticed…shhh
          now back to the topic at hand, I agree with you Con F, if anybody is qualified to provide an opinion it would be the chairman of the electoral board.
          Now Don I know you know everything, but THE CHAIRMAN would be what one would call an EXPERT. my question is how do you automatically jump to illegal votes… do you really think ppl are going out of their way to vote illegally? and if so to what end? cuz it didn’t work. Half the country didn’t even vote, but you think people are out here voting illegally…to get a reality show host elected….that’s bonkers……now I believe those 11000 votes for Harambe were illegal and someone should hold those spider monkeys’ responsible immediately!


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