Friday 28 Apr 2017


Cooper Starts Transition

RALEIGH – Do you want to work for the new Governor? Applications are now being taken, even though the race Roy Cooper has not been officially declared the winner over Pat McCrory.

Gov.-elect Roy Cooper today named co-chairs of his transition team to prepare for a change of leadership on January 1.

Cooper, the state attorney general who became the first challenger to defeat an incumbent N.C. governor, appointed Kristi Jones of Raleigh and Jim Phillips of Greensboro as transition co-chairs. Cooper appointed Ken Eudy, founder of Raleigh strategic communications firm Capstrat, as executive director of the transition.

Jones has served as Cooper’s chief of staff at the N.C. Department of Justice for more than a decade.Phillips is a resident of Greensboro and a partner of the law firm Brooks Pierce McLendon Humphrey & Leonard.

“We have a lot to do,” Cooper said. “North Carolinians voted for a change two weeks ago. I have a lot of confidence in Kristi Jones, Jim Phillips and Ken Eudy to help me assemble a team that works every day for all North Carolinians.

“It’s 40 days until I take the oath of office. It would be irresponsible to wait any longer to tackle the issues we campaigned on across the state.”

McCrory’s campaign is continuing to contest the results of the election and final rulings have not been made on the results.

The Cooper campaign has activated a new website that will accept resumes for leadership positions in the new administration. Positions for most state government jobs will continue to be filled through the Office of State Human Resources. The website is

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  1. BIGBOB says:

    N.C. is going to go down hill from here. This guy looks like he maybe using the women rest room. That maybe why he supports the H2 bill. Kind of looks like he is the type to hang around a play ground with a bag of candy.


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