Sunday 19 May 2019

School Bus Overturns, Students Injured

Elementary school students in eastern North Carolina are being treated for injuries after their school bus overturned when the driver said he swerved to avoid deer that ran in front of the bus during the morning commute.

Edgecombe County public schools spokeswoman Susan Hoke said Friday the bus was carrying 19 children when it overturned. She said she didn’t know how many students required treatment for their injuries or how badly they were hurt.

WITN reports Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight as saying 15 students were injured. Knight says the bus driver told authorities he swerved to avoid deer that had run in front of the bus.

Hoke says the bus was on its way to G.W. Carver Elementary School in Pinetops when it rolled over.


  1. P.O. Retiree says:

    I also drove school bus for several years in Minnesota. One of the biggest fears I had while transporting our precious future was a deer coming through the windshield. I don’t know the circumstances of where the deer was, but if it was anywhere near enough to swerve to miss it, I would have. The only difference would be that I had defensive training before ever picking up my first student which proved to be very useful several times while driving on ice and in blizzards. I never had a close call with any wildlife though.

  2. kelly tom says:

    install cameras ,they tell the truth

  3. Mark says:

    Really? A deer? School bus drivers need more training and education that a school bus a like driving a tank! They are the most well built machines on the road today. I would have made ground beef out of the deer, even if it were three deer. While growing up in northern Michigan our school bus hit 4 at the same time and we never stopped and no damage came to the bus. And these are big while tail deer, unlike the little deer in NC that are not much bigger than a large dog


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