Saturday 19 Aug 2017


DOT Preps As Winter Storm Heads Towards Area (PHOTO GALLERY)

DOT crews have been busy treating roads in advance of winter weather headed for our area tomorrow night into the weekend.

The National Weather Service in Raleigh has issued a winter storm watch for Wayne County from tomorrow night into Saturday. Many of the counties to the west of Wayne County have now been upgraded to a winter storm warning.

NWS forecaster Ryan Ellis told Goldsboro Daily News that the cold air was coming to our county later than originally thought, which would bring more of a mixed precipitation for Goldsboro. This shift would put Wayne County receiving 4-5 inches of accumulation. It is important to know that any shift in the storm system could change the forecast between now and tomorrow night.

DOT crews began treating roads all across our state this week in preparation for the storm. Anti-icing brine solution has been applied to major roads in the area first then crews will focus on other roads in the county.

Listen to Talk of the Town 1150am and 98.3 FM tomorrow morning at 8:30am as Jeff Farrow talks to road maintenance supervisor Luther Thompson on the DOT’s prep work in Wayne County!

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