Saturday 29 Jul 2017


Noon NWS Update For Wayne County

The National Weather service has Wayne County and surrounding counties under a Winter Weather Watch from tomorrow night into Saturday.

The latest NWS briefing at noon shows reduced snow totals for Wayne County, but the impact can still be significant.

Goldsboro Daily News spoke with Ryan Ellis with the National Weather Service in Raleigh and he explained that cold air might not be in place as early as some models showed. That warmer air means more of a wintry mix for Wayne County and less snow, but also means we may see more freezing rain as the storm moves out. Ellis stressed that even though the snow totals may be reduced, the impact might be greater with more ice. Goldsboro is in the “transitional phase” of the system which means slight shifts in the storm can significantly change how much precipitation falls and what kind of precipitation falls.

The latest brief from the NWS shows rain in our area between 5-7 pm tomorrow night, transitioning to a mix of sleet by midnight, and all snow by sunrise Saturday morning. Snow would end by 4pm Saturday afternoon.


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