Saturday 21 Apr 2018


Winter Weather Advisory For Wayne County

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory that goes into effect tonight at 7pm until 7pm Saturday night.

Governor Roy Cooper has authorized a State of Emergency for all 100 counties in NC in advance of the winter weather expected for the area. In this mornings briefing from the Governor, he urged people to stay off the roads when the weather gets bad.

National Weather Service forecasters told Goldsboro Daily News that Wayne County is in the “transitional” area. The NWS told us that Wayne County should expect 1-3 inches of snow in this system. The southern portions of the county should see more of a wintry mix, while the northern portions may see more snow. Precipitation will start as rain and transition to a mix late tonight. All precipitation should be out of the area by tomorrow afternoon.

Luther Thompson, county maintenance supervisor with the NCDOT, told Jeff Farrow this morning that crews should be wrapped up laying down salt brine by noon today. Thompson was on Talk of the Town 1150am and 98.3fm this morning and told us the important thing to remember is keep your distance from DOT trucks doing their job. “If you see our trucks out on the highway we do recommend staying back,” said Thompson. DOT crews have been laying down salt brine all over the county with a focus on the major roads. The solution being sprayed by the DOT helps the ice and snow melt when it hits the road. The plan of attack if the roads get bad is 4 lane major roads first, then trucks move to the 2 lane primary roads, then smaller roads. Luther said once the snow falls, it takes the DOT 3-4 days to cover all the roads in the county.

The forecast doesn’t show temperatures coming above freezing until Tuesday. Highs for the weekend are 32 both Saturday and Sunday and a high of 31 on Monday. The wintry mix will move in late tonight and transitioning to all snow by 8am on Saturday.

Hear our interview with Luther Thompson from the NCDOT on Talk of the Town 1150am and 98.3fm:


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