Tuesday 25 Apr 2017


Slick Roads Around Wayne County

Roads around the county have sleet, ice, and snow on them and with people venturing out, some accidents happened around Goldsboro. More accumulation could be on the ground before the system moves out of the area. Temps will remain very cold through Monday so roads will remain slick. Authorities urge the public to stay inside unless they have to go out.

DOT crews are out across the state working to keep roads clear. In Goldsboro, Maintenance employees are working 12-hour shifts through the weekend until no longer needed. Maintenance crews are placing salt and sand on all of the known trouble spots, including bridges and hills.


Two vehicle crash on Old Mount Hwy. No injuries when the SUV went left of center and hit the van in the front.


This single vehicle accident happened on Indian Springs road near Broadhurst Road power lines are down HP on the scene.


  1. ElChapo says:

    Everyone around here drives like a dumba** when it storms even when it rains everyone needs to retake drivers education class

  2. BP says:

    Me too. 3 years stationed at KI Sawyer AFB near Marquette. And I am from Minnesota, so I have much experience driving in the snow. It is dangerous around here with people skidding through stop signs and lights. You really have to watch out for the other guy here.

  3. Mark says:

    Having lived and grew up in Michigan’s upper peninsula I learned how to drive in and on the ice and spent two years in Iceland I know enough to stay off the roads in the south. Not everyone has the experience some of us have. The best self defensive driving is not going out there to meet these folks


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