Sunday 20 Aug 2017


Roy Cooper Vows To Find Consensus On Issues

North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper is vowing in his inaugural address to find consensus on issues but says he’ll fight laws that attempt to make any state resident “less in the eyes of their fellow citizens.”

In the prepared text of Cooper’s speech delivered by television Saturday, the new governor pressed his case to expand Medicaid coverage and to repeal a law limiting LGBT rights and directing which public bathrooms transgender people can use. Republican legislative leaders have opposed Medicaid expansion and approved House Bill 2 last March.

Cooper this week filed paperwork toward his pursuit to expand Medicaid, and an effort last month to repeal HB 2 fell short amid partisan acrimony.

Cooper already has sued legislative leaders over a law they passed last month reducing his powers over elections, but the former state attorney general says he refuses “to spend the next four years engaging in political brinkmanship.”

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  1. gettin tired says:

    imagine that…..expand Medicaid…….what about social security for the seniors, cause the government doesn’t look after them. Its always the people who don’t work and think the government is going to keep them up……..its gotta end sometime and now is the time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    make them go to work, it ain’t no free ride……but yet Cooper is going make it for them just wait in see……look out for the taxpayers who have to work to support these LAZY people.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All these people no how to play the system. I see it everyday…I work in retail

  2. BIGBOB says:

    Makes you wonder which bathroom Roy Copper uses? Acts a little sweet to me.


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