Sunday 20 Aug 2017


Active Shooter Exercise Planned For Seymour Johnson AFB

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is planning an active shooter exercise Wednesday morning, January 11th, and wants the public to know about it ahead of time and not to be alarmed.

This exercise will test the response efforts for both Active Duty and Reserve Airmen of the 4th Fighter Wing and 916th Air Refueling Wing. The local community can expect an increase of security operations and delays at all installation entry control points and congestion on roadways near the base throughout the duration of the exercise.

All other installation support and services will continue with normal operations. Exercises ensure Seymour Johnson AFB Airmen can effectively complete the mission of the 4th Fighter Wing and are fully prepared to support contingency operations overseas.


  1. KapGElChapo says:

    Just something to take up time and block the road ways and make traffic backed up what a waste of time


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