Monday 24 Apr 2017


Officer Killed In Orlando, Suspect At Large

An Orlando police officer has died after being shot this morning and an Orange County Deputy Sheriff has died after an accident responding to the manhunt for the officers killer.

Orlando police announced the officer’s death on its official Twitter account Monday morning. The shooting happened near a Walmart store in Orlando earlier Monday morning. Authorities say the suspect was wanted in connection with killing his pregnant girlfriend last month.

The tweet said, “One of our own was taken in the line of duty. There are no words.” With the Twitter post was a video of the officer’s body being taken out of the hospital to a waiting van in a flag-covered stretcher.

Police tell news outlets that suspect Markeith Loyd is still on the run. A massive manhunt is underway and several schools are in lockdown mode.

While the manhunt was underway, another law enforcement officer was killed in a traffic accident searching for the suspect.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings told a press conference Monday that another vehicle turned in front of the deputy, who was riding a motorcycle in pursuit of 41-year-old Markeith Loyd. Loyd is suspected in the shooting death of Master Sgt. Debra Clayton.

Markeith Loyd

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  1. Zeke says:

    This guy needs to be shot on sight. Pure trash.

  2. Kelly tom says:

    Sad day in our country .I was in my late teens in the 70’s I never heard of any law enforcement being shot ,kids back then didn’t have guns they would fight with fists and be friends the next day and that was far apart and few in between ,give me the way back then days over now.they will get this guy and may he burn in hell forever


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