Sunday 20 Aug 2017


SJAFB Active Shooter Exercise Terminated

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base conducted a planned active shooter exercise this morning and that exercise has been terminated.

The purpose of the exercise was to test the response efforts for both Active Duty and Reserve Airmen of the 4th Fighter Wing and 916th
Air Refueling Wing.

In the beginning stages of the exercise there was a breakdown in communication, the word exercise was not present on the official notification, leading some to possibly believe Seymour Johnson had an actual active shooter.

When the error was observed the exercise was immediately terminated. An “All Clear” was issued for the entire instillation at 9:16 a.m


  1. BP says:

    Ya, like put “Exercise” in your initial transmission. Otherwise people freak out and are confused.

  2. Mark says:

    Practice makes perfect, better luck next time guys


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