Tuesday 22 Aug 2017


Down East Wood Ducks Reveal New Logo

The Down East Wood Ducks, the Texas Rangers’ new Carolina League franchise, unveiled the new team logo yesterday.

The unveiling, which took place in conjunction with Wednesday’s Hot Stove League Banquet, included the team’s crest and three Wood Duck logos that will be used on official club merchandise. The club also revealed its Down East Wood Ducks lettering.

Official Wood Ducks merchandise went on sale today at the club’s Grainger Stadium offices and at WoodDucksBaseball.com. Items for sale will include several t-shirts with the team crest, duck head, duck torso, and full-body duck along with two pieces of outerwear, a selection of polo shirts, and one of the on-field caps.

“Our whole team, alongside design agency Brandiose, worked very hard to design our logos and marks,” said Wood Ducks President Joe Januszewski. “We are thrilled with the results and look forward to seeing our team on the field in Kinston on opening day, April 10th.”

The Down East Wood Ducks brand identity is inspired by the vibrant moxie of not just the wood duck, but the entire region the team will serve. The new identity pays tribute to the region’s great outdoors by highlighting this majestic and resilient local waterfowl, while also laying the groundwork for a lively and fun experience that will be enjoyed by all fans.

The Down East Wood Ducks will release uniform designs and corresponding marks in the spring as the season draws closer.

The Wood Ducks, one of two expansion teams in the Carolina League, open the Carolina League season on Thursday, April 6 at Salem with the home opener set for Monday, April 10 versus Winston Salem at Grainger Stadium.

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