Saturday 19 Aug 2017


General Assembly Returns To Organize And Elect Leaders

The 170 North Carolina state lawmakers elected in November are coming to Raleigh to choose leaders and otherwise celebrate their new jobs with family and friends.

The General Assembly met Wednesday for a one-day session to hold traditional swearings-in and organize for the next two years.

The Republican-controlled legislature re-elected Tim Moore of Kings Mountain as House speaker and Phil Berger of Eden as Senate leader. The General Assembly will return Jan. 25 to get down to business and it’s shaping up to be interesting with a Democratic governor and a Republican super-majority in both the state House and Senate.

House Majority Leader John Bell thanked his constituents and his colleagues yesterday. “It’s a great honor to officially be sworn in for my third term in the North Carolina House of Representatives.” Bell continued by saying he was “humbled by the support of the voters in Lenoir, Wayne, Craven, and Greene counties.” Bell was elected as the majority leader in the House and is focusing on business, education, keeping taxes low, infrastructure, and finding common ground in elected officials.


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