Friday 18 Aug 2017


Ira Lee King

February 16, 77,

Ira Lee King, Sr., 77, of 513 Eunice Street departed this life Thursday in the Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Ike, as he was affectionately called was born on Wednesday, March 1, 1939 in Wayne County to the late Rev. Chester King, Sr., and Mother Louise McIntyre King.

His life will be celebrated and his death mourned Wednesday at 11 AM at the New Stoney United Holy Church with Dr. H. E. McNair officiating. His mortal frame will be laid to rest in the Wayne Memorial Park.

Precious memories will be held dear by his children Ira Jr., DeWayne, Deborah, Connie, Angelia and Pam; His devoted sisters Geraldine King Bynum of Goldsboro, Sandra King Harper of Durham; a host of other dear relatives and friends.

Visitation Tuesday from 3 PM until 6 PM at the Haskins Funeral Home. The family will receive friends at 1217 Porter Street where they will assemble in preparation for the funeral service.

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