Friday 18 Aug 2017


Patetown Larceny Suspect Arrested

On February 1st, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office received a larceny report from a resident in the Patetown Community. Reported stolen was property with a listed value of $690.00. An investigation revealed the subject as 20 year old Jessica Lynn Tilley. The property was recovered and returned to the victim. Tilley was charged with misdemeanor larceny, misdemeanor possession of stolen goods, and obtaining property by false pretense and was given a $15,000 secured bond.


  1. Carter says:

    It’s job security for the magistrate, the revolving door. The police bring them,the magistrate set them free!

  2. Kialboots says:

    She steals her brothers video game and gets $15 thousand bond while 5 thugs get caught with stolen guns run from the police and get $75 hundred/$5 thousand bond.. What’s wrong with this picture? The magistrates must be brain dead or….do this to keep the crime rate up..Makes you wounder..And why hasn’t the powers to be addressed the high variations in setting bond? Are they part of the problem to? Think so..


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