Sunday 20 Aug 2017


CSX Plans Local Railroad Crossing Closures

CSX Railroad has scheduled closing local railroad crossings for repairs. During the repairs, traffic will be rerouted but signage will be in place to mark detour routes. Crossings are normally closed 1-3 days but can vary. Dates can also shift due to weather and other conditions.

The following crossings will close February 27th

  • Holly Street at N. Georgia Ave.
  • W. Ash Street between N. Georgia Ave. and North Carolina St.
  • W. Mulberry St. at North Georgia Ave. intersection
  • W. Chestnut St. at S. Georgia intersection
  • W. Spruce St. near S. Kennon Ave.
  • George St. at Carver Blvd. intersection

The following crossings will close March 1st

  • Old Mt. Olive Hwy. near RB Nelson Hwy. intersection
  • Genoa Rd. SE at Woodland Acres intersection

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