Monday 25 Jun 2018


Governor Releases Project List

Governor Roy Cooper has submitted several ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure projects to be considered by the federal government.

Cooper’s administration provided the list of projects at the request of the National Governors Association.

“Moving ahead with shovel ready projects like these will create good paying jobs and provide a shot in the arm to our state’s economy,” said Governor Cooper in a press release.  “Improving highways and mass transit will make North Carolina an even better place to live and do business.”

Projects submitted to the NGA include:

  • Completing I-295 Fayetteville outer loop in Cumberland and Robeson Counties. The 39-mile outer loop would provide interstate connectivity for the region and provide Fort Bragg direct connections to I-95.
  • Completing the Winston-Salem northern beltway. The 34.2-mile Winston-Salem Northern Beltway is split into eastern and western sections. The eastern section is part of the future I-74 corridor, and is divided into eight sections for construction purposes. The western part is split into 10 sections between U.S. 52 and U.S. 158.
  • Improving the I-40 and I-77 interchange in Iredell County. The first section under construction includes widening I-40 to three lanes in each direction. The second section calls for building two bridges, ramp upgrades for the I-40/77 interchange, additional lanes for I-40 West, a ramp to U.S. 21, and upgrading an I-40 exit.
  • Widening 22.2 miles of I-26 in Buncombe and Henderson Counties. In addition to widening I-26, work will also involve replacing the Blue Ridge Parkway Bridge.
  • Improving I-95 Northampton, Halifax, Nash, Johnston, Harnett, Cumberland, and Robeson Counties. The improvements include a series of pavement rehabilitation projects along much of the 182 miles of the interstate in N.C., interchange additions, and upgrades. It also includes bridge rehabilitation safety projects to raise the clearance heights and the construction of new bridges over the interstate.
  • Completing the Durham-Orange light rail transit project led by the GoTriangle transit agency. The project is a 17.7-mile light rail project that will connect Chapel Hill and Durham and serve 18 stations in areas that have been identified for future compact development and growth
  • Widening US 74 in Mecklenburg County. The project would widen Independence Boulevard to three general purpose lanes in each direction, construct one or two express toll lanes in the median in each direction, and convert highway to an expressway.
  • Widening I-485 in Mecklenburg County. The proposal would add one express toll lane in each direction along I-485 from I-77 to U.S. 74 (Independence Boulevard) in Mecklenburg County.


  1. Kialboots says:

    Get ready for bigger gas tax fight..

  2. Mike says:

    For decades I’ve heard politicians of both parties talk about the need for more taxes for “infrastructure improvements”. It always ends up being a slush fund for these politicians to help them get re-elected and we continue to have broken water pipes, broken sewage systems, and broken highways. I don’t really trust them but if we have to spend the money let’s look at other ways to spend it.

    It’s interesting that all of Pa Coopers proposals are for highways, something I thought our gasoline taxes were supposed to pay for. How about fixing our deteriorating water pipes, before we become another Flint, Michigan? I know politicians don’t want to spend money fixing these needs – Its pretty hard to get your picture in the paper cutting the ribbon to a buried pipe. But I’d rather be stuck in a traffic jam than die from drinking poisoned water from a bad water system.


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