Sunday 23 Jul 2017


NC Vehicle Tax Records Now On Line

Taxpayers across North Carolina no longer have to scramble to find paper copies of vehicle property tax receipts when preparing their tax returns. The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles has initiated an online service that allows drivers across the state to view and print copies of their individual vehicle property tax receipts.

“This is a new feature that enables citizens to easily find vehicle property tax information during this tax filing season,” said Acting DMV Commissioner Eric Boyette.  “We encourage vehicle owners to use this new feature on the website as part of our continued commitment to great customer service.”

Individual vehicle property tax receipts are available at  By clicking on the green ”Use MyDMV Now” tab and following the simple instructions, vehicle owners can print property tax receipts for tax filing purposes. The MyDMV portal, which has been a feature since 2015, also provides North Carolina drivers and vehicle owners with information on their driver license status, expiration dates, and vehicle registration.

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