Sunday 23 Jul 2017


Lawmakers Support Cancer Checkoff

A group of lawmakers , some of whom are breast cancer survivors, are pushing for a plan that would allow taxpayers to check a box on their annual returns to direct funding to the North Carolina Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.

Representatives Nelson Dollar, Julia Howard, Sarah Stevens, and Susan Martin filed a Bill to provide space on the North Carolina income tax return that will allow individuals to donate a portion of their tax refund to support early detection of breast and cervical cancer.

In a press release,  Dollar stated that “this bill will create a voluntary revenue stream for taxpayers to directly contribute to a state program whose mission it is to reduce breast and cervical cancer mortality rates in North Carolina through early detection and treatment.”

According to the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts and Figures-2017; 56,900 new cases of cancer are estimated to occur in North Carolina in the next year. In addition, the ACS report indicates that 20,020 of those cases may result in death.

According to the NC Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP), 68,827 women were served through the program in the past five years. “As a breast cancer survivor I understand the importance of early detection which this bill will help make possible for thousands of women statewide,” stated  Stevens, President Pro Tempore of the NC House.

Martin echoed that support, “The North Carolina Breast and Cervical Cancer program helps ensure that North Carolina citizens will have needed access to essential prevention and treatment services.”

“Without access to this program, an individual may find themselves in the midst of a late stage diagnosis with limited medical options. With this added revenue source we could provide thousands of additional screenings to women in dire need each and every year,” stated Howard.

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