Sunday 23 Jul 2017


Traffic Stop Leads To DWI And Drug Charges

On Saturday, Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputies conducted a traffic stop for a regulatory violation. Deputies suspected the driver was impaired and called for assistance from the DWI Task Force. A search of the vehicle was conducted and marijuana and opiates were located. After the investigation, it was determined the driver was impaired on alcohol and controlled substances. 28 year old Aminah Floyd of Goldsboro was charged with Trafficking Opiates, DWI, Possession of Marijuana, and Driving While License Revoked. She was arrested and placed in the Wayne County Detention Center under a $24,500 bond.


  1. Ron says:

    I thank God that nobody was injured in the Old Grantham Rd storage fire! That was a strange morning, I saw the flames, called 911 for assistance and after running down there, I felt out-of-place because I was very concerned that somebody may be inside the residence, asked the owner at least 3 times was anybody in the house and never received a response, just a look. But after getting 2 cute, scared, brown puppies out of the fence to safety, I felt okay.

  2. gettin tired says:

    imagine that…….probably no job and on food stamps.

    • CAPT OBVIOUS says:

      ooh be careful, getting tired, your ignorance is showing…..lot of assumptions made but you didn’t have a comment about the white man running around raping ppl…probably a cousin of yours im sure,


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