Sunday 23 Jul 2017


State Lawmakers Want To Challenge NCAA & ACC

Some North Carolina Republican legislators want to challenge the tax-exempt status of the NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference because they removed or threaten to remove championships from the state because of a law limiting LGBT rights.

The House members filed a bill Monday directing Senate and House leaders to file IRS complaints against the sports organizations. They would allege the groups are lobbying beyond what their charters allow through “economic retaliation” if House Bill 2 is not repealed.

Sponsor Rep. Mark Brody of Monroe says the NCAA and ACC have stepped out of bounds and he won’t let the legislature relinquish its authority to them.

The measure also would force University of North Carolina system schools to report when employees serve in athletic associations and what subjects they are considering.


  1. Kialboots says:

    Go for it 100% agree..

  2. Alex says:

    Great Idea… The NCAA & ACC need to focus on sports and stay out of politics!!! Ticket sales for ACC championship in NYC were terrible! They should remember what happened to the NFL ratings when they began to get political/Liberal/anti-conservative. They got so scared they told Lady Gaga not to say anything about Trump at half time. NCAA & ACC, tread very carefully here. WE CAN DO WITHOUT SPORTS, CAN YOU DO WITHOUT FANS!?!

  3. gettin tired says:

    well if the mayor of Charlotte hadn’t opened her mouth this would not be an issue………there has never been a problem before with the bathrooms……..
    their’s more important things to deal with besides the bathroom…….that’s the reason Cooper won……now he has to make good on this


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