Wednesday 29 Mar 2017


Deputies Observe Drug Deal, Arrest One

On Tuesday, Officers with the Wayne County Drug Unit were conducting an investigation into the illegal sale and distribution of heroin in the Goldsboro/Wayne County area. During the investigation, officers observed what they believed to be a drug transaction take place. After making the suspected transaction the suspect pulled to the back of a dead end road and parked. When officers pulled up to investigate, the suspect attempted to hide evidence including syringes and heroin. As a result of a search, 29 year old Justin Michael Warner of Goldsboro was arrested. Warner was charged with possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia and given a $2,500 bond.


  1. Bigbob says:

    If he keeps doing drugs the state my in the end be the one shooting him up with a needle.

  2. BIGBOB says:

    Courts cost are high. and a rip off.

    • Mark says:

      Sounds like you have been in trouble before…….fines are meant to keep those behind bars that need to be there, and as a deterrent to keep you from doing something stupid…………….or are you the one that can’t be fixed?

  3. Black men says:

    Typical white person sad lol

    • rockingchairfrontporch says:

      So next time a black man is in the paper for committing a crime, I’ll just post a comment on here that says “typical black person sad lol”. And don’t you say a
      thing about it being racist. k.

    • Mark says:

      Yes there are a few………….

  4. GoldsboroChip says:

    It seems that whenever a drug transaction is witnessed, the only one who gets arrested is the buyer. Wouldn’t it make more sense to arrest the seller, or both. Of course you collect more fines if you arrest 10 buyers instead of 1 seller. As long as the city uses the police department as a revenue generator, the drugs will continue to flow.


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