Friday 19 Apr 2019


Former Superior Court Judge Arnold Jones Pleads Guilty To Felony

United States Attorney John Stuart Bruce announced that today in federal court before United States District Judge Terrence W. Boyle, former North Carolina Superior Court Judge Arnold Ogden Jones, II pled guilty to Promising and Paying Gratuities to a Public Official.

During the hearing on the defendant’s guilty plea, the Government summarized the evidence supporting the defendant’s guilty plea. The evidence established that between October 10, 2015 and November 3, 2015, Jones gave, offered, and promised cases of beer and $100 to a Federal Bureau of Investigation Task Force Officer in contemplation of the Task Force Officer’s act of compelling Verizon to produce Jones’s wife’s text messages in order to disclose those messages to Jones, even though Jones was not permitted to receive them by law.

The evidence showed that, as a judge, Jones was familiar with the processes and procedures law enforcement must undertake to obtain private text message content, including the need for the FBI to have an ongoing investigation and a legitimate law enforcement need for such text content. The evidence established that Jones desired the text messages to investigate his suspicions that his wife was having an affair. Multiple recorded conversations established Jones’ desire to conceal the FBI Task Force Officer’s involvement in obtaining the texts. Jones agreed to destroy evidence of the crime, including a disk that purported to contain the text messages and text messages coordinating the exchange of cash and a disk. The evidence also included a video of Jones exchanging the cash and disk on the steps of the Wayne County Courthouse in his judicial robe. No text messages were obtained or delivered to Jones.

At sentencing, on the charge of Promise and Payment of Gratuities to a Public Official, the defendant faces not more than 2 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted the investigation of this case. Assistant United States Attorneys William M. Gilmore and Adam F. Hulbig prosecuted the case on behalf of the government.


  1. German Shepherd says:


  2. anonymis says:

    Jones gave me a sentence that was max. for a 1st time getting in trouble with the law. I’m so thankful he is not just going to walk away. I don’t care if he got 30 days in prison. I’m just glad he is getting some type of punishment for his bribery. Amen! There is JUSTICE. A total disgrace to Wayne County.

  3. jeannie delisi says:

    Move on people and get your own lives

  4. German Shepherd says:

    Justice served. May God have Mercy on you!

  5. SLD says:

    Laughing my butt off! This is the man that defended my ex knowing he was having an affair and split my kids up. Not justice enough but it’s a start. Helps that he has money, I didnt.

  6. A Realist says:

    I don’t live in Wayne County but I have worked here for several years. He obviously is guilty. However, the Police Officer that he asked for help, could have and should have said no from the very beginning. The truth is the officer couldn’t get the info for him legally. He should have simply said so. The judge merely tried to get around the law to find out if his spouse was being unfaithful. No one died. No one’s life is damaged beyond repair. I don’t know this judge and frankly don’t care what goes on between him and his wife. What I do find deplorable is the amount of taxpayer money spent on something so trivial when i see serious problems that need to be addressed. Judges are not above the law. However, the spectacle being made out of some silly text messages…Realy?? Wayne County deserves better.

    • Kelly tom says:

      For the last time, the first officer did say no ,30 days later he went to a second officer and he told him he needed a warrant for texts so be real and understand what you read read it over and over till you get it don’t leave nothing out ,why did he tell 2nd officer keep this on the down low,how many people sat in that court room waiting on the judge to return to the bench to have their cases heard ????

    • Kelly tom says:

      Oh I forgot thank you for not living in Wayne county ,because you think it’s OK to have judges that are corrupt !!!!!

      • A Realist says:

        Wow! I don’t recall saying that at all. In fact, I clearly said he is guilty. Period!! My point is people here are still struggling since Hurricane Matthew, still struggling with Health Insurance, & to many other things to even mention. Stop wasting taxpayer money & vital resources that these citizens need on this judge. It’s ridiculous. Lock him up and be done with it…That was the point! I never once said he should be allowed to get away with it. In case you missed the part where I said judges are NOT above the law….I happen to love Wayne County. I was born here. I will always want what’s best for the people here. I’m just sorry you didn’t get that from my comment. Have a nice day!

      • adam rothman says:

        Find something at the court house that is not crooked then start talking.

  7. rockingchairfrontporch says:

    Probably would have gotten away with it except for “The evidence also included a video of Jones exchanging the cash and disk on the steps of the Wayne County Courthouse in his judicial robe.”.

  8. CJ says:

    The taxpayers get the shaft again. Former Judge Jones will get a slap on the wrist, a suspended sentence and a fine. Oh sure, he will probably be disbarred and not be able to practice law again but he’ll probably kick back & draw a fat retirement check from the state.

  9. TruthBeTold says:

    They should of kept the crimes the same as charged. That way he could of got the whole 36 years. He is and has been a total disgrace to the judicial system. He’s never dropped anyone else’s charges and sentenced them to lesser time. Why’s he any better then the rest, that’s because he isn’t any better. He’s a criminal that should do his time. Just like anyone else. Now that’s fair…

  10. Jeff Rose says:

    I would have, having access to resources as he (Arnold Jones) did, would have done the same thing. I know what it feels like to not know, to be lied to, to wonder and to be helpless. I would rather have been murdered or lost everything I had. OH WAIT. I was murdered. I lost my life. I lost everything I worked for. EVERYTHING. YES, I would have done the same thing. I would have payed anything to JUST KNOW THE TRUTH!

  11. Kialboots says:

    Good deal..Too bad he won’t get anything out of it..Community service for a day and a dollar fine.

  12. Kelly tom says:

    Well well well the punishment keeps getting lighter & lighter ,next thing the charges will be dropped down to a seat belt violation. !!!!!! But he’s still a good /honest man. NOT.


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