Wednesday 16 Aug 2017


Cancer Screening Is Proposed Tax Refund Option In House bill

North Carolina individual income tax filers could have another option next year to share some or all of their refunds.

A House bill approved by a wide margin Monday would create another check-off box to send refund proceeds to a state initiative designed to provide free or low-cost breast and cervical cancer screenings to uninsured or under-insured women.

The measure now heading to the Senate would add the option to individual 2017 returns, which get filed early next year. Individual and corporate filers already can earmark refunds for wildlife preservation and an endowment designed for merit-based teacher compensation.

The North Carolina Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program — the recipient of the proposed refund option — already receives appropriations and aims to serve 12,000 women annually.

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  1. BIGBOB says:

    What about men getting a cancer screenings for the uninsured or under-insured?


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