Thursday 17 Aug 2017


2017 We Dig It Ag Day

The weather was perfect for the annual We Dig It Ag Day held at Odom Farm on Claridge Nursery Road in Goldsboro. Bus after bus brought in second graders from all over Wayne County for the day long event.
The event focuses on bridging the gap between daily life and the farm and educating children on how much agriculture affects our lives every day.
Students got a chance to learn about many different products and the things they were made of that are grown right here in Wayne County. They learned about livestock and field crops and the value they play in the food we eat everyday. Students from the Wayne County School FFA played a major part in the program in talking to the second graders and showing them how plants are taken care of in their growing stages.
Approximately 1,600 second grade students attended the event.

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