Saturday 23 Jun 2018


HB2 Repealed

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has signed into law a measure that rolls back the state’s “bathroom bill.”

The Democratic governor signed the bill Thursday despite criticisms from the transgender rights community. The groups say the new measure still denies them protection from discrimination. They demanded nothing less than full repeal.

Cooper acknowledges that it’s not a perfect deal and stops short of many things the state needs to do.

Some conservatives also condemned the compromise, saying the current law should have been left in place.

The law known as House Bill 2 cost the state dearly in business projects, conventions and basketball tournaments.

After a year of backlash, the compromise plan was announced Wednesday night. It was worked out under mounting pressure from the NCAA, which threatened to take away more sporting events.

The NCAA plans to review a deal to roll back North Carolina’s bathroom bill before it makes a decision on whether to bring neutral-site championships back to the state.

NCAA President Mark Emmert told reporters Thursday that the association’s board of governors will have to discuss the new legislation before deciding whether they’re comfortable hosting neutral-site championships in the state again.

He said that process could take several days or more.

The NCAA previously said that it’s deciding on four years of neutral-site championship locations and wouldn’t put any in North Carolina if the law known as House Bill 2 were still on the books.

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  1. Mike says:

    Even the WHO (World Health Organization) says “GENDER IDENTITYDISORDERS” is primarily a mental health disorder. While persons suffering from this should be treated with care and understanding, having society to reinforce their mental disorder is not therapeutic.

  2. BIGBOB says:

    I am also sick of hearing about this.
    If you don’t know if you were born a man or a woman and want to use the other bathroom you have got to be sick. And for the big fuss it should have never happen. The NAACP preacher to get behind it I think you will fall short when you stand before God.

    • I.P. Freely says:

      Transgender people know what gender they are; their body is simply at odds with that identity.

      It is you who are confused, not them. Trumpeting one’s ignorance is not an effective way to dispel it. Try education, or simply listening.

      People are born with all sorts of anomalies that make them uniquely different. Some are left-handed. Some have eyes of two different colors. Some have extra fingers and toes. Some have little tails twitching at the base of their spines (yes, they do). Some have an extra chromosome that makes them genetically both male and female (XXY). Some are chimeras, having bodies with two different people’s DNA. Some are born attached to another, and many must learn to live that way. Some are giants; some are incredibly small. A few are even born with both male and female genitalia (Intersex Hermaphrodites). And, yes, a very few are born with a brain that tells them they are one gender and a body that tells them they are another.

      These folks who are different don’t need you to make the life more of hell on earth than it already has been just because your little brain can’t wrap itself around their difference from you. That’s YOUR problem, and it shouldn’t be made theirs. Fix yourself, leave others to do the same.

      And as to your vain attempt at playing god by lending your voice to the mind of god, you’re simply revealing that your diminutive version of god is nothing more than you hiding behind a mask in an foolish attempt to hide the nakedness of your own ignorance, fear and vulnerability.

      Remove the beam from your own eyes, leave others to their speck.

      Stop playing god and making the life of others hell on earth.

  3. gettin tired says:

    You know if the mayor of Charlotte hadn’t have opened her mouth none of this would be going on. She is the one who started it. I can’t speak for everyone, but I am so sick of hearing about this.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I.P. Freely says:

      Actually, if Republicans in the state legislature had not decide that it was just the greatest election year idea to pass a potty patrol bill to titillate their reactionary base, we wouldn’t be dealing with this issue.

      McCrory forgot that he wasn’t running for mayor of Charlotte anymore. He chose to make a local issue into a state issue by signing that stupid bill.

      Your obvious disdain for smart, powerful women notwithstanding, Charlotte should have the right to govern itself in such local matters as access to public restrooms without BIG GOV at the state or federal level sticking their big noses and butts into local matters by introducing something so foolish as a potty police state.

      The fact that their stupidity bit them in the backside is poetic justice.


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