Thursday 17 Aug 2017


2017 Daffodil Festival (PHOTOS)

​The weather could have not been any better Saturday for the Fremont Daffodil Festival.

The Daffodil Festival is a day long event that lines the streets of Fremont with venders displaying their products to the public. Everywhere you looked all you could find were smiling faces, good conversation, and people of all ages having fun walking the streets. Local food groups from the area were busy selling good old fashion foods, and one of the more popular places to stop was the tent where the Fremont Volunteer Rescue and junior squad members were selling their food. Local church groups were serving up some of the best tasting BBQ chicken that you will ever sink your teeth into. The sound of chatter and music filled the air as local music groups took the stages throughout the day. This year’s antique tractor display seemed to catch a lot of attention from both young visitors through the oldest. This years headlining act brought fans from near and far to hear their favorite beach music from the Embers!

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