Tuesday 13 Nov 2018


Husband & Wife Arrested During Escape Attempt

Wayne County authorities arrest an escaped inmate as well as his wife.

Joseph D. Perkins of Pikeville, an inmate at the Wayne County Detention Center, reportedly walked away from a work detail Thursday morning in the Dudley area.  The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reports Perkins was picked up by his wife, Layla M. Perkins, also of Pikeville.   Their vehicle was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy and a struggle ensued as that deputy attempted to take Joseph into custody. The escaped inmate then fled on foot and was eventually apprehended by sheriff’s department officers in a wooded area.  Three area schools had to be placed on lockdown while authorities searched for Joseph Perkins.  He’s facing new charges including assault of a law enforcement officer and felony escape from a local confinement facility.  Layla Perkins is facing charges including aiding and abetting in a felony escape from a local confinement facility.

Joseph Doyle Perkins

Layla Miran Perkins


  1. Kelly tom says:

    She should be forced to take birth control !!!!!

  2. O lawd says:

    Chain gang needs to come back

  3. lets b real says:

    I know that they pick up a LOT of trash and that says a lot about people.
    Other counties have littering signs with a $1000 fine and since I moved here I have never seen 1. People must not care about how there town/county looks when they just sling trash right out the window. The first time I seen them pick up trash I thought maybe it was the first time that road had been done but that was not the case. When you ride down a road a there are so many orange bags that you loss count it a problem. Glad someone does clean them up. So maybe more should Adopt a road and get Litter signs. PUT TRASH IN IT’S PLACE!!

    • I have moved here from Kentucky where littering is taken seriously.The endless fast food garbage is one of the first things I noticed.We came two days before the storm so I attributed the litter to the flood but after a few months of watching vehicles chuck out whole bags out the window I see that it’s simply not addressed.How sad.Its a pretty state that has lots of nice people.

    • Zeke says:

      They must have been picking up the news argus trash that the delivery people throw out everywhere. It’s discusting driving around in the county and seeing all the blue wrapped papers that just pile up. The news argus needs to stop littering our community. If I do it I would be fined. The news argus can do it because it’s legal for them to do so. I protest their littering by not purchasing their paper. I see them sometimes in food lion and they ask if I want a free paper. I tell them why and it falls on deaf ears.

  4. CJ says:

    They belong together…let’s just hope & pray that they have no children….

  5. Really says:

    Don’t the guards have the right to shot someone who is escaping? Just asking ?


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