Tuesday 22 Jan 2019


Potential Stormwater Utility Fees For Goldsboro

The City of Goldsboro is talking about the potential implementation of a storm water utility, and that could mean new fees for residents, businesses and other entities.

A recommendation from the city’s Stormwater Stakeholder Committee would establish a $4.50 monthly fee for most residents.  Commercial and non-profit properties could be charged based upon the size of the impervious surface on their parcels.  Also some landlords or owners of multi-family residences could be billed for those properties rather than the residents.  The recommendation was presented at the Monday evening Goldsboro City Council meeting, and the council decided to take up the issue again at its next meeting in two weeks.


  1. Johnny says:

    So I guess they had figured out a way to tax rain

    I assume the wind, the sun, the darkness,
    the shade, and a host of other things will follow? And someone will say that this is a ridiculous comment, and I do agree it is, but no more ridiculous than thinking I can control the rain.

  2. Kialboots says:

    Anything the libtard leaders can come up with to gauge citizens in order to pay for all there boondoggles like the golf course,center street,free bus rides and the list go’s on forever…They have been and continue to spend your money like drunken sailors..

  3. Doc Holiday says:

    That’s it!!! I’m building a tent over my entire yard. Then they will have to charge my neighbors double for their rainwater runoff. Wait; will I get tax a rebate if there is a drought? I already feel sad and depressed every time it rains…now it will be worse because I know it is costing me money. The hits just keep on coming,,,,,

  4. CJ says:

    Here we go again..our illustrious city leaders have discovered one more way to nickel and dime the taxpaying citizens to death. Many years ago, a trash collection fee was added to the water bill. That went well for them so they eventually added the “sewer” fee, then came a “base rate” fee on top of the actual consumption or usage for water…now this. I guess they won’t be satisfied until I just go ahead & sign my Social Security check over to them every month.

  5. Rick Roberts says:

    I’m just curious here, with the current drains on Mulberry St., the residential areas are flat to the curb answer have a big tendency to flood the street. This cause the backwash to erode our driveway. With this ” new ” fee does that mean the City will put proper drains and fix the damages caused by the current drain system?


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