Sunday 30 Apr 2017


2 Charged, 2 Sought In November Rosewood Incidents

Two men are under arrest and two more are still wanted in a Rosewood B&E case from last fall.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reports it has arrested 19-year old Telek Carter and 23-year old Kenneth R. Robinson Junior.  The two others wanted in the case are 20-year old Rico Benton and 22-year old DeVandre K. Kornegay.  All four suspects are from Goldsboro and will faces charges including felony larceny and attempted first degree burglary.  The four men are accused in the November break-in at an O’Berry Center Road home in which electronics were stolen.  The suspects also allegedly attempted to gain entry to a Farnsworth Place home, also in the Rosewood community.  Officers then made contact with the suspects while responding to the report of a prowler on Killdeer Drive.  One suspect was arrested for a firearm violation, but the other three were released as none of the electronic items found in the car had been reported stolen at that time.

Kenneth Ray Robinson Jr.

Telek Carter

Rico Benton
WANTED – NOT ARRESTED as of this date

DeVandre Kontrell Kornegay
WANTED – NOT ARRESTED as of this date


  1. kelly tom says:

    young kid’s should be working if not in school, why don’t rev. barber stay in goldsboro and have a community job fair to try and help goldsboro’s youth??? what does naacp stand for, ( national association for the advancement of colored people) ??

  2. The Real B says:

    They need a haircut and a shower

  3. Carter says:

    Sure glad we moved out of wayne county!

  4. Donna Dovico says:

    I am sure their mothers , family are saying they are good boys they can not believe they did this .


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