Wednesday 16 Aug 2017


Utility Scam Targets Goldsboro

It’s a popular scam and Goldsboro Police report two citizens were recently duped by the ruse.

Here’s an example of how the scam works: someone calls claiming to be a representative of Duke Energy.  They say you’re overdue on your electric bill and they’re going to cut off your power immediately unless you purchase a pre-paid debit card, or MoneyPak card, and call them with the card number to make payment.  Of course, this is all a scheme designed to swindle folks.  Duke Energy says it will never require you to purchase a pre-paid debit card to pay your bill.  It’s always advised to at least double-check with your utility if anyone calls suggesting you need to make an immediate payment.  The Goldsboro Police Department reports a local non-profit agency and a church fell victim to the scam Wednesday.

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