Saturday 19 Aug 2017


Extreme Warrior Run Presents Funds For Operation Warmheart

Over $3,400 is given to Operation Warmheart at the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro. The funds come from the Extreme Warrior Run 7K Obstacle Course held at Busco Beach and ATV Park April 15th.  Kyle Pritchard is the Volunteer Coordinator for this year’s Extreme Warrior Run.  He says there was an increase in participation in this year’s event.  Pritchard says funds for Operation Warmheart are used to boost morale and help airmen in times of need.  All the funds raised at the run come from participants or from businesses in the local community that contribute to the event.  Those funds then stay right here in Wayne County.  This was the 5th year of the Extreme Warrior Run.

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