Wednesday 19 Jun 2019

Armed Robbery At Internet Sweepstakes Cafe

Goldsboro Police are looking into an armed robbery. A black male armed with a handgun reportedly walked into the Hi-5 internet sweepstakes cafe on the 500-block of East New Hope Road Saturday after 9 PM.  According to the police report, the unknown man demanded money and made off with four money bags.  The only other description is the suspect was wearing a dark hoody and black shoes.  He headed east on foot after the robbery.


  1. Mike Kelly says:

    first of all,You have to show your face before going into Game room itself

  2. why you have problems with it?? says:

    The Real B how do you know what if the place complys with standards or not? just another uneduacated guess

  3. The Real B says:

    Once again, surprised much? These places are bad news, but I guess the City / County is too blind to see that. If they had some common sense and or moral standing they would close the doors to these gambling joints permanently and not until “they comply with standards.” Who cares though, it’s just tax $$$ to them right?
    Not saying the robbery wouldn’t have happened, but these places are an easy target. Glad no one was harmed.

    • why you have problems with it?? says:

      If you dont frequent or know about these places then you should have no problem with the going ons…however I guess you think it is ok to have bars and strip clubs where people leave there plastered and kill out innocent families..Until you have been to one of these places and see the friendships formed you should keep your mouth out of it..Tell the people that work at the 2 stores on the corner how easy of a target this place is they may tell you how many times they have been robbed opposed tp the sweepstakes come on people use your brains

  4. Linker Trott says:

    Ossie Beard did not commit this crime

  5. BP says:

    One of these robbers is going to rob a place with a concealed carry holder and end up in trouble one of these days.

    • Tax Payer says:

      Wonder why they don’t hit some of these poker houses that have these high stake games that the LAW does nothing about ?


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