Friday 18 Aug 2017


Down East Coal Ash Coalition Meeting

The Down East Coal Ash Coalition will hold its monthly meeting tonight (Thursday), and all Wayne County residents are invited. The group is concerned about the release of coal ash into the Neuse River during hurricane Matthew.  That coal ash is stored in ponds at Duke Energy’s former H.F. Lee Plant on Old Smithfield Road.  Bobby Jones with the Down East Coal Ash Coalition appeared on WFMC Wednesday, and says there are reports of Wayne County citizens experiencing itchy skin after the Matthew flooding, and he wonders if coal ash is to blame.  The Down East Coal Ash Coalition holds its monthly meeting tonight at 6:30 PM at the Antioch Presbyterian Church at 2306 Old Smithfield Road in Goldsboro.

Cooling Pond Breach at H.F. Lee Power Plant – Photo Courtesy of Duke Energy

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