Tuesday 22 Aug 2017


1 Arrested, 2 Sought For B&E

One person is arrested and authorities are seeking two others for a Wayne County B& E. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office took the report of a Breaking and Entering on the Old Kenly Road are last week Wednesday.  Around that same time, Smithfield Police reported a vehicle stop where they allegedly found items stolen from the Wayne County home.  However, it was not yet known the property was stolen.  25-year old Ashley T. Locklear of Red Springs was arrested during the traffic stop for an outstanding Smithfield P.D. warrant and she is now facing charges in Wayne County including Felony Larceny and Breaking and Entering.  Two other individuals are also being sought in this case.  They are 19-year old Bradley W. Locklear and 28-year old Kevin E. Lowery, both of Red Springs.

Ashley Taheisha Locklear

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  1. Zeke says:

    This trash needs to be shot as they break in.


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